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Final Fantasy VII Rating
This is a community where others decide which character from the Final Fantasy VII series you remind them of most. This includes the games/movies: Last Order, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, & Crisis Core.


1. Please wait until one of your applications is stamped before applying for another theme.
2. Be nice, vote on others. Don't go with the bandwagon vote just because it's easy - try to be creative and look outside the box. Looking for people to vote on? Try looking at the UNSTAMPED TAG LIST!
3. Don't start drama & don't bitch about who you get. There is always a restamp.
4. You can apply for a restamp as soon as you are stamped. If applying for a restamp for the mirror theme, try to use different photos or go into more detail about yourself.
5. For personality themes, have `personality` somewhere in your subject line, for mirrors, have `mirror` somewhere in your subject line, just so everyone knows which you are doing.
6. For voting, please refer to the CHARACTER/STAMP LIST. If you think someone should be up there - just tell me.
7. You must have a personality application stamped in order to do monthly stamps.
8. Please tag your entry "!unstamped"!
9. On mirror themes, don't vote on HAIR COLOR and style of hair alone! Try to notice facial features.
10. If there are a lot of posts in one day (like 6 or more) please wait until the next day to post your application.

Past themes!
August: Who's your match?
September: Who's lovechild are you? (looks)
October: Where in Gaia would you be found?
November: My new BFF
February: My opposite gender
March: Materia Keeper




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